Nicholas Leone

Sports, business, and ministry are my greatest passions. At Fuller, I discovered God can use them all! I grew up playing ice hockey in Massachusetts and felt called to Fuller Seminary in California. After graduating from Gordon College, I drove across country in a 1966 Mustang GT and left my skates and hockey aspirations behind forever. So I thought! My first day in Pasadena, I took a walk to see the campus, reflect, and pray. Only a few blocks from Fuller I discovered an arena and walked onto the ice. What are you trying to tell me, God? Soon I learned at Fuller that God wants us to use our talents—and mine could be for reaching hockey players and fans? Within months I was playing in my first professional hockey game, joined a hockey ministry, smuggled New Testaments into the Soviet Union, was chased by the KGB and helped build the underground church!

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Talents took on new meaning when I graduated from Fuller and landed my first job on Wall Street. Jesus’ Parable of the Talents instructs us to be good and faithful with what we’ve been given. As a stockbroker in New York, I joined a business outreach that brought athletes and executives together to share their faith. Fuller motivated me to use my talents in the marketplace, and once again, I saw the church built from Wall Street to Park Avenue.

Today, I am the CEO of Global Fund Group and founder of Talents Fund, a hedge fund based on biblical principles. Fuller’s seminary training gave me the skills to understand the scriptures and apply them to economics and investing. Fuller’s professors provided a foundation that enabled me to write for US News & World Report and author The Principles for Work, Leadership & Business. Outside the classroom, the diversity of the Fuller community with students from over 100 countries further equipped me for the global marketplace.

Alan-Stones-&-Nicholas-Leone-FTS2Fuller was not just diverse, it was the most authentic, accepting, and affirming community of faith I’ve ever been a part of. I recommend more marketplace professionals prepare for their careers at Fuller—not just to minister to the marketplace, but to use their talents to work faithfully in the marketplace. Our work is worship! Fuller enabled me to live my faith in sports, business, and most importantly for the rest of my life! One day, I hope to hear the words of the master, “well done good and faithful servant, enter the joy of the Lord.”


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